Sunday, April 15, 2018


(Official site. Last updated 18 October 2018)


Mark Arm (Mudhoney) - guitar
John Talley-Jones (Urinals) - bass
Pete Mazich (Mike Watt & The Secondmen) - organ
Jerry Trebotic (Mike Watt & The Secondmen) - drums
Matthew Wascovich (Scarcity Of Tanks) - vocals
Tom Watson (Red Krayola) - guitar

Vicious Fence formed during 2018 and is currently recording songs with Jonny Bell at Jazzcats, Long Beach, CA. Stay tuned to this site for release information. Artwork by Tim Kerr and Alan Bishop. Additional engineering by Jack Endino at Soundhouse, Seattle, WA.

 l-r Trebotic (drums), Mazich (organ), Talley-Jones (bass), Watson (guitar), Wascovich (vocal)

  l-r Arm (guitar), Wascovich (vocal), Maddison (medical staff)


Vicious Fence
c/o Total Life Society
P.O. Box 6592
Cleveland, Ohio 44101

Management: Cactus Numberic
Email: totallifesociety @